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What does that mean?

Pilgrims play for pilgrims !!!

Of course, among the pilgrims to Santiago are also organists and musicians. We want to offer these musicians the opportunity to give a concert to other pilgrims on the organ, their instrument they bring, or if they are singers, at the place where they will spend the night.

After a long day of walking give the other pilgrims a precious hour of music. Relaxing in a beautiful church and listening to the music.

Many organists are in any case in need of seeing or even playing the organs where they arrive.

We offer you this unique opportunity!

The main road is Carrion de los Condes, Villalcazar de Sirga and Fromista .... a bit off Tamara de Campos, Amusco and Santoyo with their fantastic organs and churches.

Please let us know your arrival as soon as possible. We then organize time to practice/prepare before concert and- if you are not an organist - an organist who can accompany you on the organ.

On site we will provide advertising and announce your concert on this website.

The beginning of the concerts will be at 19.00.

There will be no entry. A collection will be held for the expenses and the preservation of the organs on site. Furthermore, you will be invited by us for dinner. If possible, also for a free night.

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