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The way to Santiago de Compostela - also a way to make vacations or just stay a few days before moving on.

Days when you can discover cultural and culinary locations with us.

We offer you a stay directly in Carrion de los Condes.

From here we will explore the surroundings with you and show you their treasures.

Castilla-Leon - most Spain- tourists unknown.  The cradle of Spain!

The beautiful villages and colors of the landscape you only find here.

Fantastic churches and buildings. Villages with mud houses. Roman excavations.

Unique organs in the world. Restaurants that serve typical, non-touristy food.

And listen to concerts together in the evening!

Depending on your request, various excursions can be planned.

Depending on your preference in the country and landscape or to the organs and churches in the area.
Organists, organ lovers and organ students will have the opportunity to play these organs as well.

Possibly. A public concert can also be organized given from you or your group. In short: a study trip.

Kantor Matthias Müller knows his way around the region for more than 30 years. Together with local people we have prepared this offer and would like to make this stay unforgettable for you.

We organize the stay for groups between 6 to 30 people. Accomodation can be reserved in a beautiful restored monastery in a slightly higher price range or in a nice convent of nuns. There you will also find newly restored rooms.

Both located in the middle of Carrion de los Condes. These accommodations are not pilgrim accommodations - so you can expect a longer sleep in the morning!

And - this is especially important in organized trips - you have the freedom to scout yourself a bit.

It is always important to us that you get the best possible impression of landscape and culture.

Enjoy the tranquility of the villages and the countryside. Experience buildings and concerts. Treat your palate to the typical delicacies of the province of Palencia. Spain is more than beach, paella, ham, Rioja and flamenco!

Your stay can be scheduled between 5 and 10 days. Sign up as a group with us for more information and your wishes.

Exact dates for already planned stays will be announced shortly on this page.

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