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The way to Santiago de Compostela has become a household name throughout the world.
But ... there is much, much more to see than directly on the Way of St. James. Much remains hidden from the "normal" pilgrim.

Understandable that you can walk and see everything.
And so we were asked to change this!

To enjoy the scenery. To experience Spain in a completely different and unknown way - that is our goal for you!

This website is therefore aimed at people interested in culture who want to rest for a while at these beautiful sites.
Or just want to go on vacation.

Also to musicians, especially organists and organ students or organ interested, who want to see, hear or even play these treasures of "Organo iberico". Take a look at these fantastic instruments! True dreams!

Similarly, we offer organ classes (students) of church music or organ solo to spend a study tour here. Excursions to the organs are organized. There can be concerts. An academy hall for lectures and lessons are available.

If you are concert-organist or concert-musician you can stay here making holydays and play a concert.

Pilgrimage organists and musicians who have an instrument with them, or even singers and choirs, will have the chance to give a concert for other pilgrims in the evening.

A lot of choirs like to travel once a year together to a nice place to spend time together, practice or give concerts. Here we are - we organise everything for you, also concerts!

And there are villages, churches, Romanesque, Roman, culinary shown you directly on the pilgrimage can not experience!
Take a look at our offers and send your questions to us. Already from May 2019 we can start!

El camino musical - el camino cultural!

Take this unique opportunity to discover even more. The beauty and tranquility and culture on and on the Camino de Santiago.
Kantor Matthias Müller has been known for over 30 years with this region, almost all organs and villages there and is friends with many people there.
He was commissioned by responsible forces on site to create this homepage and in cooperation with them these offers were developed.
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