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Matthias Müller
organo - harmonio - cembalo - piano - director musical

Matthias Müller is a musician who in recent years has changed the format of classical concerts, without making a show, as happens
currently in television programs. It also offers a new repertoire, avoiding repeating the same thing as in other classic formats.

Having been in many countries, visiting traces and libraries and meeting musicians from around the world, has made him discover a lot of classical music unknown.
Musical jewelry that needs to be heard. In this way it has managed to bring together an audience that enjoys quality organ music.

Matthias Müller is a multi-talented keyboard player, especially in the recovery of the value of the original music for harmonium.

Next we are going to present some parts of his musical life:

At age 17 he began to give his first piano concerts. He expanded his musical studies at the Higher School of Music in Krumbach, Bavaria,
where he would be first organist, director of Coro and Kantor. The Kantor in Germany, is the "organist at the feet of Bach", this expression is used in Germany
to indicate succession. Keeping the title Kantor means being an organist, choir and orchestra conductor, liturgical singer, cembalista and
also professor of these instruments, professor of direction, history of classical and religious music, musical forms, acoustics, continuo, harmony and improvisation.
Being Kantor means a job and a religious title, equivalent to theological studies.

From 1986 to 1994 he was Kantor of the Church of San Miguel in Munich. In this period he made a concert tour through Spain, Italy and the former German Democratic Republic.
In 1990 he works with a Catalan orchestra, under the direction of the director Angel Colomer i Colomer, in a cycle of concerts in Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia.
In 1992 he was invited to the Schauspielhaus in Berlin with the Pomorska Philharmonic Orchestra.

From 1992 to 1996, he finished his studies of sacred music with the organist Karl Maureen (Munich), specializing in the interpretation of music and ancient fingering.
Since 1978 he has traveled throughout Spain, especially in the north, giving numerous concerts and recitals, and also doing restoration work in some of the
organs and harmonies of these communities.

He is also composer of works for piano, choir and organ. In 1992 he made several compositions for the book "The Selfish Giant" by Oskar Wilde.
With this work he offers many concerts for students in schools in several countries.
He composes the music of the film "Suicit" for the Higher School of Cinema in Munich.
He has specialized in the interpretation of Romantic and Impressionist Music.

As choir director he has directed and founded several important choirs, such as the Great Concertant Choir of Men of Osnabrück and the Men Choir
of the Catholic Church of Osnabrück or the Max-Drischner-Kantorei.
In 1994 he resides in Bologna (Italy), where he performs an interpretation course of Ancient Italian Music, where he is also an organist on the organ of Mozart in Augsburg.
From his childhood to our days, he studies with special interest the music of the composer Rachmaninoff and Guridi, specializing in his works.
His interest in Spanish music and especially in Basque music, leads him to maintain a close relationship with the composer and organist Father Paskal Barturen (Deusto),
José María Martínez Sánchez, Monserrat Torrent and the organ builder Federico Acitores.

He maintains for many years, a close friendship with the nuns of several Spanish, French and Austrian convents.

Specialist for harmonium music, preserves one of the few artisan workshops in Europe for this instrument.

He has offered concerts as soloist, duo with piano or choir in different countries. He forms the Rossini Duo with the pianist Bogna Czerwińska- Szymula from Danzig (Poland).
I also form a duo with the Spanish tenor Pedro Cuadrado, performing music written for voice and harmonium, working together in concerts for more than 20 years.
Since 1996 he has been invited to the International Festival of Medina de Rioseco.

In 1999 he was invited to the First International Meeting of the Baroque Body in the Community of Castilla y León held in Medina de Rioseco,
where he offered several concerts and participated in the debates and presentations with organ and musicology specialists.

Since 1986 he has been restoring organs and harmonies and in 2003 he opened his workshop "Restoration, Recovery and Tuning of Organs and Harmonies",
restoring several historical organs of several European countries, always using original or identical materials.

It has a large collection of historical harmonies and the largest private collection of original scores for harmonium in Europe.

In 2004 he was invited by the Government of Germany to give a concert for the President of Cyprus at the International Bellapais Festival.
In 2005 and 2017 he received the silver medal for his concert at the church of Juan Sebastian Bach, Santa Agnes in Köthen and concerts at the Organ Festival of Asturias.
In 2005 he recorded an album with the heavy-metal group "Mob rules".
In 2006 he was elected Personality 2006 in the State of Saxony, for his free restorations of old organs that did not work,
for decades, in several churches of the former German Democratic Republic, winning the prize for the works of honor thanks to their free repairs,
with the support of the votes of the public in the German radio.

2016 Lecturer of an organ and harmonium course in Seville.

2018 Head of Festival Musical in Castilla-Léon

2019 Concerts (as Harmonist) with the young orchestra NRW in the Philharmonie Essen and the historic Stadthalle Wuppertal

Together with the danziger pianist Bogna Czerwińska - Szymula he founded the Rossini duo (harmonium / piano).

He is the artistic director and founder of:

Great Rühlmann Organ Festival (www.rühlmannorgel.de)
International Festival of Key Instruments in the Hundisburg Castle (www.clavierfestival.de)
Festimusical in the castles and churches of Burgundy (www.festimusical.com)

Despite so many experiences, he never forgot his style of presenting music in direct contact with the audience,
developing a special intuition, to know the right kind of repertoire at each moment.

Matthias Müller has made it his goal to bring back the people in organ and harmonium concerts with his chosen, interesting pieces, who have stayed away from these concerts through programs with difficult-to-hear works or who are trying to gain new lovers for these instruments. Even the smallest organ he can elicit a concert program due to its large repertoire. That's why he likes to play there where there are no concerts or the "Dorforgel" is supposed to be unusable for a concert. The personal presentation of the played works, the spontaneity of the program selection and his closeness to the audience make him a welcome guest everywhere.

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